Estate Management

Welcome to our library of Personal Planning Videos – When a parent or other loved one dies, you might be facing the responsibility of handling their Estate. Estate settlement requires a broad range of skills and carries a long list of responsibilities, Bob Stockoski discusses some of the issues you may have to handle both personally and financially.

Bob Stockoski walks you through the benefits of See Through Trusts when dealing with the estate of a loved one and how it can affect the beneficiary’s taxes.

Bob Stockoski discusses your options when you inherit an annuity. There are a lot of things to consider especially from a tax-free point of view.

Bob Stockoski discusses traditional IRAs. They are a great place to save money on a pretax basis, but what if you are the beneficiary of an IRA?

Bob Stockoski shares with you some valuable information about inheriting a house and how it may affect your taxes.

Bob Stockoski shares with you an easy way to control your assets after your passing. It’s called naming a beneficiary.

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