Why Choose AQuest

Lux Level Financial Planning

AQuest is fortunate to have an experienced staff that is far younger than the average for our industry. We eagerly embrace new technologies such as cloud-based systems that completely eliminate the need for paper, make information available from any place with an internet connection, and allow us to schedule virtual meetings with clients.

Providing our clients with sophisticated financial planning technology like Money Guide Elite, allows us to offer lux-level financial strategies for the mainstream investor.

Financial planning is about more than assets, investments and net worth. It’s about what you want to do with your money and why. It’s about identifying your concerns, expectations and goals – it’s about how you feel and what you want.

Money Guide Elite helps address common fears and concerns such as health care costs, outliving your money and the best time to file for Social Security benefits. The confidence meter helps you gauge how likely you are to reach your goals and whether you are on track instead of focusing on headlines.

Total Wealth Management​


The goal of the AQuest team is the cohesive management of every aspect of your financial situation. By taking a holistic approach to managing your total financial situation, AQuest is able to help you pursue all your financial goals and not just address one area of your complex financial life.

AQuest is one a well-regarded firm in and throughout the area. By combining our knowledge, experience and the team mentality of our staff, we assure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. Our dedication to high standards, and work ethic is the reason our client base returns year after year.

With the benefit of our specialist’s knowledge and years of experience we are able to develop investment strategies that take advantage of low tax brackets, and current tax incentives and make that income stream tax-free or exceedingly tax efficient.

Independent Advisors

Size Matters

At AQuest Wealth Strategies we are independent financial advisors with LPL Financial, for the last consecutive 13 years. LPL Financial is one of the nation’s leading financial services companies and a publicly traded company under ticker symbol LPLA. The firm’s mission is rooted in the belief that personalized financial guidance is a fundamental need for everyone. LPL does not offer proprietary investment products or engage in investment banking activities; this means advisors affiliated with LPL are not pressured or influenced by LPL to sell its products. Thousands of financial advisors nationwide are able to rely on the firm’s tools and resources to help them provide financial guidance and recommendations to help meet their clients’ needs. For more information about LPL Financial, visit LPL.com.

Out of the 16,000 financial professionals associated with LPL, AQuest Wealth Strategies is the 232nd largest firm of Registered Investment Advisors.


As Registered Independent Advisors, the AQuest team isn’t under pressure to push certain products or to fulfill any sales quotas, allowing us to provide our clients professional and customized advice. Further, AQuest does not offer any proprietary securities or insurance.

We are not just brokers! The advisors at AQuest have a fiduciary responsibility.

Brokers earn a commission selling different investment products (mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, etc.) whereas the advisors at AQuest usually charge a management fee based on the value of your account. During this relationship Aquest advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to provide ongoing monitoring to ensure the investments are in your best interest.

Dynamic Customer Service

AQuest offers a total wealth management approach, which requires a high level of client contact. In addition to investments, many AQuest clients fulfill multiple financial needs with products offered by other members of the team through LPL Financial. With this wide breadth of products available, we are able to have fewer clients per advisor, therefore affording them more time to spend helping each client work toward their financial goals. We think this service model also allows us to be better able to anticipate the unique needs of our clients, which can potentially help them avoid roadblocks to their success.

Fee-Based Planning

We are Investment Advisor Representatives held under a fiduciary standard to look out for your best interests

As a fiduciary, our advisors are legally required to place the client’s interests before the advisor’s, act with prudence, not mislead clients, avoid conflicts of interest and fully disclose any unavoidable conflicts.

We offer greater fee transparency

When we earn a fee, are obligated to follow SEC reporting guidelines. One of the requirements is to fully disclose how we are paid. When all levels of fees are presented and explained to a client, there is no confusion as to what they are paying for.

The requirements of transparency and full-disclosure help investors make more informed decisions about their investments. When investors don’t have to worry about hidden fees or hidden agendas, a long-standing relationship based on trust can be more easily formed.

Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing

Over time, different investments come in and out of favor. Monitoring the market cycle and proactively rebalancing your accounts is one way to give you added confidence that someone is proactively looking after your money.

A managed account makes the process of monitoring and rebalancing simple, and, with the right partner, won’t consume much of your time.

Greater investment access

As a fee-based advisor we have access to lower cost, institutional share classes. The price difference between an A-share mutual fund and an institutional share mutual fund can be significant. In fact, it could easily account for a portion of your advisory fee.

A fee-based account structure gives you easier and greater access to a wider range of investment options.

An advice-based relationship​

One of the best enhancements we offer our clients as a fee-based advisor is more access to your personal advisor. You see, in a fee-based structure, your value changes. We are not only brokers, but are trusted advisors.

A fee-based approach allows us to focus on your wealth and goals. Since we are paid on an ongoing basis, the pressure to sell proprietary products is removed, thereby freeing us to focus on helping you pursue your goals.

This opens the door to a long-term relationship based on advice, trust.

Advantage Client

Our clients stand to receive very compelling and powerful benefits from a fee-based relationship. This stands in stark contrast to a commission-based relationship where many of these benefits are not feasible or, in some cases, cannot even be offered. At the end of the day, our clients gain confidence in knowing that your best interests are being looked out for and that your investments are being taken care of. The advantage is truly yours.